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Ventilation, air conditioning and heating

We manufacture and install specific ventilation systems that meet commercial and industrial standards.

We are conscientious in analyzing estimates and preparing assembly plans. Our workshop is fully functional and allows the completion of your projects within the required deadlines.

Creation of stainless steel foodservice furniture

We favour a well-established approach in order to achieve the production of furniture with optimum functionality.

We analyze technical details, suggest functional improvements and custom build the requested equipment. Our specialist welders work meticulously on the assembling of the parts and the final buffing for a stunning result.

We’re talking steel here!

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Our sales team stands out for its expertise. Our assemblers, welders and fitters are efficient and precision is one of their key qualities.

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Sheet folding

We are resourceful in the realization of metal projects.

Based on your specifications, we select the right type of equipment to achieve an outstanding finished product. Our operators have special skills for the programming steps, the machine configuration and the final bending.

Plasma cutting for all types of metals

We cut several types of metals in order to adapt to our customers’ needs. All our plasma cutting services are accurate, reliable and efficient.

  • Steel plasma cutting, up to 3/4
  • Satin steel plasma cutting, up to 1/8
  • Plasma cutting of galvanized steel, up to 10 Ga
  • Stainless steel plasma cutting, up to 5/8
  • Aluminum plasma cutting 3/8